Jul 022009


Episode 7: Thursday, July 2nd 2009 and your host has one eye on the Cubs.

  • Preshow: Derrek Lee’s Grand Slam as recorded live
  • The Carioca – Harry Sosnik & the Edgewater Beach Hotel Orchestra
  • Hinky Dinky Jingle
  • Top Value Trading Stamps
  • Java – Al Hirt
  • The Seventh Son – Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames
  • You Talk To Much – Joe Jones
  • Tomorrow Never Knows (live) – 801
  • Breezin’ Along With The Breeze – The Hoosier Hotshots
  • Enlightenment – Sun Ra & the Arkestra
  • Shome – Mal Waldron
  • Back Stabbers – The OJays
  • Cubs Report
  • Rock And Roll – The Boswell Sisters with the Jimmy Grier Orchestra
  • Smart Ass – Allan Sherman
  • Lost In The Supermarket – The Clash
  • Groceries a growing trend!
  • Hey Pocky Way – The Meters
  • Easy Come Easy Go – The DeMarco Sisters with the Eddie Duchin Orchestra
  • Why Can’t We Live Together – Timmy Thomas
  • The Carioca (fade) – Harry Sosnik & the Edgewater Beach Hotel Orchestra

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Technical information about accessing the audio can be found here.

By necessity, the live broadcast is in mono at slightly reduced quality. The archived shows are in glorious stereo and feature higher fidelity.

  2 Responses to “Hinky Dinky Time Radio, Episode 7”

  1. Alas, the iTunes Store rejected my abuse of copyright. But take heart…just because you can’t find the podcast by searching the iTunes store, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the show with iTunes. You can! Simply open iTunes and go to the “advanced” menu, select “subscribe to podcast” and paste in this address:


    I’m thrilled to have you listening but Top Value stamps weren’t green.

  2. I have a pair of Japanese manufactured binoculars that my mother got with Green Stamps at the Hastings, Nebraska redemption center. I use them all the time to watch ships sailing in and out of the harbor, that and occasionally spying on the neighbors.

    Love the show! Have you thought about posting the archives to iTunes? Sure would make it easier to listen to as I wash dishes.

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