Jan 122012

ep122Episode 122: Thursday, Janury 12, 2011.

“…coming to you live, with my very own brass monkey…”

  • Opening Theme (Hire’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Theme) – Blossom Dearie
  • Schlitz
  • Hinky Dinky Jingle
  • Ain’t Nothing But A House Party – Showstoppers
  • Good News Week – Hedgehoppers Anonymous
  • Make The Madness Stop – Free Design
  • The Happening – Supremes
  • Ode To Billy Joe – Louie Prima with Sam Butera & the Witnesses
  • Rockin’ Little Roadster – Jan & Dean
  • If I Only Had A Brain – Stephen Bishop
  • Losing Myself In You – Stephen Bishop
  • Heart – Nick Lowe
  • WCFL 40/40: Goin’ Down On The Road To L.A. – Terry Black with Laurel Ward
  • BAWK!
  • Movie Promo: Uptown Saturday Night
  • Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo – Shalimar
  • Ramblin Fever – Merle Haggard
  • Love Loves To Love Love – Lulu
  • Abraham, Martin and John – Moms Mabley
  • Nobody’s Sweetheart Now – Mills Brothers
  • Moonbeam Song (Demo) – Harry Nilsson
  • You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – Otis Spann
  • Closing Theme (Sweet Thursday – Johnny Mathis)

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