Jun 052015

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ep106Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, episode 106: Friday, June 5, 2015 at noon, Eastern Time.

Radio: slightly less creepy.

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Artist: Title: Album:
Your DJ welcomes you…
Uncle Michael Hinky Dinky Time Open  
The Kinks Rainy Day In June Face To Face
Hammond Hazelwood I Can Make The Rain Fall Up single (b/w The Hawkmoth And The Flame)
Loved Ones Ever Lovin’ Man single (b/w More Than Love)
The Teddy Boys Mona single (b/w Good Morning Blues)
Weston Prim & Backlash Simmerin’ single (b/w Spider Web)
Robert Parker Happy Feet single (b/w The Scratch)
Lorrie Collins Another Man Done Gone single (b/w The Lonesome Road)
Your DJ speaks…
Springwell It’s For You single (b/w Our Question)
Mills Brothers London Rhythm single (b-side to Solitude)
Randy’s Allstars Mission Impossible single (b/w Back Road)
Elvis Presley Let Yourself Go single (b-side to Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby)
Tommy Edwards My Melancholy Baby For Young Lovers
J.J. Cale Outside Lookin’ In single (b/w In Our Time)
Tommy Charles After School single (b/w I’ll Wait For Your Call)
Your DJ speaks…
Nick Gilder All Across The Nation (The Wheels Are Rolling) You Know Who You Are
Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe Gong-Gong, The Elephant Song Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe
Ernie Graham Blues to Snowy Ernie Graham
The Doobie Brothers I Been Workin’ On You Stampede
Ace Cannon Drunk single (b/w Chicken Fried Soul)
Your DJ speaks…
Captain Beefheart Black Snake Moan (radio phone-in) prev. unr.
John Lee Hooker Crawlin’ King Snake I’m John Lee Hooker
Mad Man Jones And His Band Snake Charmer single (b/w Josette)
Kevin Ayers Ballad Of Mr. Snake Yes We Have No Mañanas, So Get Your Mañanas Today
Stone Axe Snakebite single (b-side to Slave Of Fear)
Humble Pie One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba Humble Pie
The Dillards She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune Wheatstraw Suite
Your DJ speaks…
Scott Walker Track Three Climate of Hunter
Stackridge The Last Plimsoll The Man In The Bowler Hat
Tully I Feel The Sun Sea Of Joy
The Alan Bown! Toyland single (b/w Technicolour Dream)
The Lunar Laugh Bottom Of The World Apollo
Your DJ speaks…
Los Saicos Te Amo single (b/w Fugitivo De Alcatraz)
The Semi Colon Nekwaha Semi Colon single (b-side to Onye Nkuzi B.A.)
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees The Whiffenpoof Song single (b/w Vagabond Lover)
The Four Lads Oh, That’ll Be Joyful single (b/w What Can I Lose (By Letting You Know I Love You))
Sam Price Trio with Cousin Joe Sadie Brown single (b/w Evolution Blues)
Ray Noble & His Orchestra with Al Bowlly Who Walks In When I Walk Out? single (b/w Goofy Geer)
Irma Thomas Wish Someone Would Care single (b/w Break-A-Way)
Your DJ speaks…
Jack Guthrie & his Oklahomans The Clouds Rained Trouble Down single (b/w Oakie Boogie)
Mark Wirtz Glorys Theme A Teenage Opera
Stray Move That Wigwam Saturday Morning Pictures
Dey & Knight Sayin’ Something single (b/w Ooh Da La Da Lay)
Yvonne Fair Say Yeah Yeah single (b/w Straighten Up)
Dottie West with Don Gibson Rings Of Gold single (b/w Final Examination)
Your DJ speaks…
The Corsairs Smoky Places single (b/w Thinkin’ (Maybe She’s Changed Her Ways))
The Robb Storme Group Here Today single (b/w But Cry)
The Changin’ Times Thank You Babe single (b-side to Pied Piper)
Louise Cordet In a Matter of Moments single (b-side to I’m Just A Baby)
Fred Frith Too Much, Too Little Cheap At Half The Price
Your DJ bids you farewell…

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