Oct 192018

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ep270Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, episode 270: Friday, October 19, 2018 at noon, Eastern Time.

Show #270: WFMU October Jubilee Week #3: Singles Going Steady…Three hours of 7″ vinyl. NO STYRENE!

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Artist Title Album (label) (year) (source)
Your DJ welcomes you:
Uncle Michael
Hinky Dinky Time Open  
Neil Diamond Do It single (b/w Hanky Panky) (Bang ) (1970)
Falco Rock Me Amadeus Canadian Version single (b-side to Rock Me Amadeus The American Edit) (A&M) (1985)
Taco Puttin’ On The Ritz single (b/w Livin In My Dream World) (RCA) (1982)
Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance 7″ Mix single (b/w Buffalo Stance Electro Ski Mix) (Virgin) (1988)
Madness Our House single (b/w Cardiac Arrest) (Geffen) (1982)
The Records Teenarama single (b/w Held Up High) (Virgin) (1979)
The Records Starry Eyes single (b/w Paint Her Face) (Virgin) (1979)
Tom Waits Rain Dogs single (b-side to Tango Till They’re Sore) (Island) (1985)
Prince Purple Rain single (b-side to GOD) (Warner Bros.) (1984)
The Clash London Calling single (b/w Train In Vain (Stand By Me)) (Epic) (1979)
The Clash White Riot single (b/w 1977) (CBS) (1977)
The Clash Pressure Drop single (b-side to English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)) (CBS) (1978)
The Clash Clash City Rockers single (b/w Jail Guitar Doors) (CBS) (1978)
The Clash (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais single (b/w The Prisoner) (CBS) (1978)
The Clash The Magnificent Seven single (b/w The Magnificent Dance) (CBS) (1980)
The Clash Train In Vain single (b/w Bankrobber/Rocker’s Galore…UK Tour) (CBS) (1979)
The Clash This Is Radio Clash single (b/w Radio Clash) (CBS) (1981)
Bread If single (b/w Take Comfort) (Elektra) (1971)
The Sanford Townsend Band Smoke From A Distant Fire single (b/w Lou) (Warner Bros.) (1976)
Exile Kiss You All Over single (b/w Don’t Do It) (Warner Bros.) (1978)
Meat Loaf Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad single (b/w For Crying Out Loud) (Epic/Cleveland International) (1977)
Andy Gibb An Everlasting Love single (b/w Flowing Rivers) (RSO) (1978)
Alan O’Day Undercover Angel single (b/w Just You) (Pacific) (1977)
Supertramp It’s Raining Again single (b/w Bonnie) (A&M) (1982)
ABBA The Winner Takes It All single (b/w Elaine) (Atlantic) (1980)
Iggy Pop/James Williamson I Got A Right single (b/w Gimme Some Skin) (Siamese) (1977)
Plasmatics Butcher Baby single (b/w Fast Food Service/Concrete Shoes) (Vice Squad) (1978)
Kate Bush Babooshka single (b/w Ran Tan Waltz) (EMI) (1980)
The Jam The Butterfly Collector single (b-side to Strange Town) (Polydor) (1977)
Buzzcocks You Say You Don’t Love Me single (b/w Raison D’Etre) (United Artists) (1977)
Television Marquee Moon Part 1 single (b/w Marquee Moon Part 2) (Elektra) (1977)
Television Prove It single (b/w Venus) (Elektra) (1977)
Television Foxhole single (b/w Careful) (Elektra) (1978)
Television Marquee Moon Part 2 single (b-side to Marquee Moon Part 1) (Elektra) (1977)
XTC Generals And Majors single (b/w Don’t Lose Your Temper) (Virgin) (1980)
XTC Wonderland single (b/w Jump) (Virgin) (1983)
XTC Ten Feet Tall single (b-side to Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down) (Virgin) (1980)
XTC Sergent Rock Is Going To Help Me single (b/w Strange Tales, Strange Tails/Officer Blue) (Virgin) (1981)
XTC Life Begins At The Hop single (b/w Homo Safari) (Virgin) (1979)
XTC Love On A Farmboy’s Wages single (b/w In Loving Memory Of A Name) (Virgin) (1980)
XTC Don’t Lose Your Temper single (b-side to Generals And Majors) (Virgin) (1980)
XTC Scarecrow People/Mayor of Simpleton Medley (Live on KROQ) single (b/w (three more sides)) (Vigotone) (1989)
Music behind DJ: 
Fleetwood Mac
Albatross Blue Horizon) (1968)
Your DJ bids you farewell…

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