Oct 182019

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ep317Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, episode 317: Friday, October 18, 2019 at Noon, Eastern Time.

Show #317: Getting out my big ten inch.

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Artist Title Album (label) (year) (source)
Your DJ welcomes you:
Uncle Michael
Hinky Dinky Time Open  
Sweet Violet Boys Hinky Dinky Parley Voo – Part 1 shellac 10″ (b/w Medley of Bar-Room Songs) (Vocalion) (1936)
Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orchestra It’s De-Lovely shellac 10″ (b/w Wintertime Dreams) (Bluebird) (1936)
Artie Shaw and his Orchestra Carioca shellac 10″ (b/w Bill (Vocal refrain by Helen Forrest) (Bluebird) (1939)
Spike Jones and his City Slickers (Vocal Refrain by Carl Grayson) Cocktails For Two shellac 10″ (b/w Leabe The Dishes In The Sink, Ma) (Victor) (1944)
Ink Spots If I Didn’t Care shellac 10″ (b/w Knock Kneed Sal (On The Mourner’s Bench)) (Decca) (1939)
Benny Goodman Sextet Gone With “What” Wind shellac 10″ (b/w Till Tom Special) (Columbia) (1940)
Eddy Howard and his Orchestra Careless shellac 10″ (b/w To Each His Own) (Majestic) (1946)
Martha Tilton with Orchestra What A Deal shellac 10″ (b-side to The Last Time I Saw You) (Capitol) (1945)
Music behind DJ: 
Robert Farnon
Down Home Chappell LPC 0582-0587 (Chappell) (1961)
Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo? shellac 10″ (b/w Van Eps Trio – Arroganaise And Simple Confession) (Perfect) (1924)
Jan Garber and His Orchestra Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo shellac 10″ (b/w You’ll Never Get To Heaven With Those Eyes) (Victor) (1924)
Carl Fenton’s Orchestra with Vocal Duet What Has Become of Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo shellac 10″ (b/w A Thousand Miles From Here) (Brunswick) (1924)
California Melody Syncopators, Vocal Chorus by Jack Kaufman Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo shellac 10″ (b/w Glantz and His Orchestra – Oh! Sarah! (Won’t You Please Pull Down That Shade?)) (Emerson) (1924)
Maureen Englin Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo? shellac 10″ (b/w Foolin’ Me) (Perfect) (1924)
Shannon Four Hinky Dinky Parley Voo shellac 10″ (b/w Arthur Hall and Gilbert Girod – Jump Fritz (I Feed You Liver)) (Claxtonola) (1924)
Music behind DJ: 
The Melodi Light Orchestra
Ballet Star Chappell LPC 0606-0612 (Chappell) (1961)
Andy Russell with Orchestra Negra Consentida shellac 10″ (b/w Don’t Love Me) (Capitol) (1945)
Artie Shaw and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Helen Forrest) Two Blind Loves shellac 10″ (b-side to Last Two Weeks In July) (Bluebird) (1939)
Ray Noble and his Orchestra Mad About The Boy shellac 10″ (b/w His Majesty’s Theatre Orchestra-The Stately Homes Of England) (Victor) (1941)
Tex Ritter Love Me Now shellac 10″ (b-side to From Now On) (Capitol) (1946)
Lefty Frizzell Then I’ll Come Back To You vinyl 10″ promo (b/w Hopeless Love) (Columbia) (1953)
Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and his Orchestra Pistol Packin’ Mama shellac 10″ (b/w Vic’try Polka) (Decca) (1943)
The Haymakers Square Dance Band with Pat Shaw (Caller) Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous shellac 10″ (b/w Forward Up Six/Camptown Races) (Decca) (1952)
Ford Orchestra Hinky-Dinky, Parlee Voo shellac 10″ (b/w Life On The Ocean Wave) (Ford) (194?)
Harold Goodfellow and His Good Fellows Hinky Dinky Parley Voo shellac 10″ (b/w When The Work’s All Done This Fall) (Folkraft) (1950)
Music behind DJ: 
Francis Bey And His Radio Dance Orchestra
Look Skyward Chappell LPC 0606-0612 (Chappell) (1961)
Count Basie and His Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by James Rushing) Rusty Dusty Blues shellac 10″ (b-side to All Of Me (Vocal Chorus by Lynn Sherman)) (Columbia) (1943)
Buddy Cole I’ve Got The World On A String shellac 10″ (b/w This Is Romance) (Capitol) (1948)
Helen Morgan (Comedienne with Orchestra) Body And Soul shellac 10″ (b/w Something To Remember You By) (Victor) (1941)
Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra Body And Soul shellac 10″ (b/w Earl Hines and his Orchestra-It Had To Be You (Vocal refrain by Madeline Greene and the Three Varieties)-It Had To Be You) (Bluebird) (1941?)
Coleman Hawkins Ladies’ Lullaby Coleman Hawkins On Asch Records (Asch) (1945)
Jan Endias Hinky Dinky, Parlez Vous? shellac 10″ (b/w Wesoly Kawaler (The Gay Cavalier)) (Victor) (1929)
Music behind DJ: 
The Telecast Orchestra
Zuider Zee Chappell LPC 0606-0612 (Chappell) (1961)
Illinois Jacquet and his Orchestra Adam’s Alley shellac 10″ (b/w Black Velvet) (RCA Victor) (1949)
Wingie Manone and his Orchestra Ochi Chornya shellac 10″ (b/w The Boogie Beat’ll Getcha) (Bluebird) (1941)
Martha Stewart with Orchestra There Goes That Song Again shellac 10″ (b-side to (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings) (Bluebird) (1944)
Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra with the Norton Sisters and Rosemary Calvin Rum And Coca-Cola shellac 10″ (b/w There! I’ve Said It Again) (Victor) (1945)
Benny Goodman and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Martha Tilton) And The Angels Sing shellac 10″ (b/w Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today (Vocal refrain by Johnny Mercer) (Victor) (1939)
Claude Thornhill and his Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by The Snowflakes) Moonlight Bay shellac 10″ (b-side to There’s A Small Hotel) (Columbia) (1942)
Frances Langford with Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians Waikiki shellac 10″ (b/w White Ginger Blossoms) (Decca) (1941)
Billy Jones And Ernest Hare Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo shellac 10″ (b/w I’m Gonna Bring A Watermelon) (Columbia) (1924)
Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης) with Nathaniel Shilkret’s Orchestra Xinki Ntinky Iiapae Boy shellac 10″ (b/w Nykta! Posi Ponoun) (Victor) (1928)
Music behind DJ: 
Roger Roger And His Orchestra
Ridin’ On A Riff Chappell LPC 0606-0612 (Chappell) (1961)
Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra It’s Anybody’s Moon (Vocal by Bob Eberly) shellac 10″ (b-side to I Get Along Without you Very Well (Except Sometimes)) (Decca) (1939)
Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra The Lamp Is Low (Vocal Chorus by Bob Eberly) The Lamp Is Low shellac 10″ (b/w Begone (Vocal Chorus by Helen O’Connell)) (Decca) (1939)
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Ray Eberle) Blue Orchids shellac 10″ (b/w Baby Me (Vocal by Kay Starr)) (Bluebird) (1939)
Artie Shaw and his Orchestra (Vocal by Pauline Byrne) Gloomy Sunday shellac 10″ (b-side to Don’t Fall Asleep) (Victor) (1940)
Damita Jo with the Rockets (Oh Jenny) The Widow Walk vinyl 10″ promo (b/w Missing (One Heart)) (RCA Victor) (1953)
Ink Spots Someday I’ll Meet You Again shellac 10″ (b-side to I’ll Get By (As Long As I Have You)) (Decca) (1944)
Mickey Katz and his Kosher Jammers Hinky Dinky Vais Ich Voos shellac 10″ (b-side to Carmen Katz) (RCA Victor) (1949)
Dan Hornsby Novelty Quartet Hinky Dinky Dee shellac 10″ (b-side to Take Me Out To The Ball Game) (Columbia) (1929)
Fleetwood Mac Albatross single (b/w Jigsaw Puzzle Blues) (Blue Horizon) (1968)
Your DJ bids you farewell…


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