Listen to Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give The Drummer Radio, Fridays from noon till three, Eastern time.

The link to the current (if today is Friday) or upcoming live show (if today is not Friday) can be found at:

Last week’s playlist can be found at:

Links to all past playlists can be found at:

You can access the audio in numerous ways (listed below):

  • You can click the play button on the embedded player to the right.
  • You can click the “Give The Drummer Radio” link below the player to the right to open a player in a small pop-up.
  • You can use the WFMU Flash player at
  • You can listen to the show on Tune In Radio on your computer or mobile device by searching on Tune In for Give The Drummer Radio or simply by going to (or copying and pasting);
  • You can listen to the Shoutcast stream in whatever application your computer or device has configured for such streams by clicking (or copying and pasting);

Keep in mind that at all of these options, if HDT isn’t on the air, either another interesting live show will be…or the GTDR automated stream will be running.

There you will also find links to the current “accuplaylist” and comments for a live episode where you can keep up with the proceedings and contribute to the comment thread as either a guest or as a registered member of the WFMU Friendship Society.

More information about WFMU

The complete schedule of live programs on Give The Drummer Radio

If you look over on the right, under where it says “Subscribe to the HDT Podcast!,” you’ll find podcast links.

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